Current Mentors

Our mentors keep our program alive with their dedication to teaching, learning, and growing.

  • Kathy Wahl, Mentor; since Fall 2021
    • Retired librarian
  • Leslie McCurdy, Mentor; since Fall 2022
    • Presbyterian Church partner and board member
  • Tim McMahon, Mentor; since Spring 2023
    • Community advocate and volunteer advisor since the start of TOGETHER
  • Lois Heitner, Mentor; since Spring 2023
    • Retired teacher and adult educator
  • Annie O’Reilly, Mentor; since Fall 2023
    • Community member
  • Jess Mander, Mentor; since Fall 2023
    • SUNY Geneseo, Spanish major

Alumni Mentors/Tutors

Below are the names of mentors and tutors (our initial title for mentors) who have worked with us since we became Cultures Learning Together Inc. in Fall 2020. Though we cannot list everyone’s names, we would also like to extend our gratitude to everyone who tutored since the initial program launch in Fall 2018. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

  • Emily Cook
  • Catherine Gonzalez
  • Helaina Fialkowski
  • Karen Caswell
  • Susanna Dolan
  • Walter Paskoff
  • Evelyn Naujokas
  • Amanda Montano
  • Lucero Ramirez
  • Allisun Voyer
  • Lia Wortsman
  • Maiti Ganey
  • Samantha Wheeler
  • Brianna Cohen
  • Jarrett Marrapese
  • Sophia Catalina
  • Elena Phillips
  • Laura Panara
  • Molly Baumer
  • Madeline Shaw
  • Kathleen Zimmer
  • Liza Rose Mugnolo
  • Kaleigh Silverstein

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