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La educación especial 101: “Este sitio sirve como un recurso exhaustivo para los hispanohablantes involucrados en educación especial y se propone reducir cualquier mal entendimiento que existe debido a una barrera de lenguaje.” (©2023 Madeline Shaw)

Created by Madeline Shaw, a Together mentor in Spring 2023, a website dedicated to Spanish-speaking families that have children with special educational needs, providing them with all the information they need to get started with helping their kids.

Created by the Spanish professors who run TOGETHER, the Yo Puedo book series can be used for elementary-level Spanish learners. It is a combination workbook/textbook offered at a low cost to counteract the expenses students often incur buying expensive textbooks. Both editions are available in paperback in black & white and color. Click on the hyperlinks below to purchase the books on Amazon.

All proceeds from these book sales support Cultures Learning Together Inc.

Yo Puedo 1: Black & White | Color

Yo Puedo 2: Black & White | Color

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