Our Program

“Be the change that we want to see in the world.”

Cultures Learning Together is a learning and service opportunity for community members, future global leaders (college students) and our diverse Livingston County community (US citizens and migrants and their families) to work together to create a space where all of us belong.

We celebrate our diversity and work hand-in-hand to break language barriers and open the communication between members of our community in the following ways:

  • Literacy and tutoring for adults and children:
    • Migrant families develop their English skills. Adults will be able to communicate in day-to-day life at work, with their children’s school, or at doctor’s appointments. Their children will have support learning English and tutoring in school subjects.
  • Leadership opportunity:
    • As tutoring interns, college students develop their teaching skills and gain work experience as future global leaders interacting and learning with other cultures.
  • Social safety net:
    • To support all our members and their families, we connect them with organizations and institutions in our community to help improve their life by developing personal relationships and acting as advocates.

We see TOGETHER as a win-win organization where all our participants, college students and community members, citizens and migrants, share their culture and their language, promoting better understanding and developing empathy between each one of us.

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