Volunteer Community Advisors

During the non-profit creation process, we formalized the roles of some of our closest community contacts who regularly work with the TOGETHER program. They provide us with valuable expertise and assistance on a voluntary basis.

  • Tim McMahon, Community Advocate
    • Tim’s passion for supporting and serving the members of our community in greatest need led him to detect the need for English classes for migrant farmworkers and US citizens of Puerto Rico, in Livingston County. His desire to break the language barrier is the origin of the TOGETHER program. His advice and active participation as an intermediary with the organizations of our community, as a substitute tutor, and also as a volunteer driver, make him one of our pillars.
    • As one of the founders of TOGETHER, Tim has been participating with us since the spring 2017.
  • Grandma Jean Schild, Retired Teacher
    • Grandma Jean’s strong relationship with her granddaughter and her husband (a migrant worker) has enabled her to understand the legal difficulties in obtaining a work visa. This, added to her passion and experience in teaching, makes her a unique advisor. Grandma Jean developed a fundraising campaign that helped us support migrant farmworkers with new blankets, flashlights, and winter clothing through the Geneseo Migrant Center (now closed). When the TOGETHER program began, their campaign allowed for our school supplies and English / Spanish dictionaries for each of our families. She actively participates in Sunday classes, talks with families, offers advice to our tutors and has unconditional support for the director of the program.
    • Our dear Grandma Jean has been with us since fall 2017.
  • Rob DiCarlo, Associate Director for Internship Opportunities at SUNY Geneseo
    • To offer a truly beneficial program for both families and guardians, we could not rely on volunteers. This was the first piece of advice Rob gave us. His experience working with the migrant community and his commitment to improving our community and the lives of students always provide us with important feedback. Rob also gave us an incredible opportunity for our tutors to be interns, with the responsibilities and commitments that we require in any job. Our families get better services with interns working with them. On the other hand, our tutors win, because they are trained as future citizens of the world, where diversity, equity, and social integration are the key factors to be able to create a cross-cultural bridge.
    • Rob has been working with us since fall 2018.
  • Ketsia Rodriguez, Community Member and Supporter
    • Through her work as a reporter, she has broadcast TOGETHER as a win-win program for both families and tutors. Ketsia promoted the creation of Cultures Learning TOGETHER as a non-profit organization. She has also developed ties to our community and provided opportunities for Cultures Learning TOGETHER to be a sustainable resource for all families interested in learning English.
    • Ketsia started participating with TOGETHER in fall 2019.

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